Movement is everything! 

Dear friends,


I used to be an international runner. Being very good in track & field is the key to success. Athletics is the mother of all sports. Have you ever participated in a decathon?




My name ist Marcus, I live in Bad Waldsee (Germany) as well as in Nikiti (Greece). Sometimes my greatest strength is also a weekness: I love people and I am capable of great enthusiasm.


Many of my clients see me as an open-minded, focused and relaxed Personal Coach, who is able to motivate his clients at a very high level. I am also definitely an enthusiastic tennis player and tennis coach, vagabond, improvisational artist and Tango Argentino dancer. 

And above all I am still driven by this thirst of competitive running and playing tennis tournaments.

With me you can make your dream come true:

  • I am there for you - exclusively
  • I will support you in now longer making your sofa the most important hub in your life

My professional stations:

  • Two years studies of Waldorf Education (anthroposophy) with focus on "Sport & Movement"
  • English Translator and Conversation interpreter
  • Teacher for Sport & English at the Institut auf dem Rosenberg  (St. Gallen, Switzerland).
  • Taught at the Waldorfschule Otterberg (Pfalz), Regional School Deidesheim and Gymnasium Lauterecken

My successes as a former top athlete:

The question is allowed. What is a "pacesetter"? "A pacemaker or  pacesetter", sometimes informally called a rabbit, is a runner who leads a middle- or long distance running event for the first section to ensure a fast time and avoid excessive tactical racing.

Sporting references:

  • Athletic Coach, Sprint Coach and Fitness Coach with the trainer legends Winni Schäfer (Al Ahli Dubai) and Werner Lorant
  • Fitness Instructor and Assistant Resort Manager Hotel Sheraton Abu Dhabi
  • “Fit in 99 Days”: Rom Marathon 2015 (42,2 km) with 25 finisher
  • Berlin Marathon: Running coach and pacemaker for SPD-politician Martin Gerster  (4:59:38)
  • Personal Coaching: German top singer Max Giesinger in Neufra/Riedlingen.
  • Sprint and running style analysis with Lukas Rupp (Norwich City).
  • Training with the Bavarian Minister of Health Klaus Holetschek & Team
  • Two times team victory "Firmenlauf Friedrichshafen"
  • Extended running and movement analysis with 40 athletes of the 1. FC Kaiserslautern
  • On Lake Constance: Movement Training/State Alpha10/Visualization with the "fastest" concert pianist world-wide, Claire Huangci