Movement is everything! 

Movement is everything. I take this literally. Within 72 hours I can be at your favourite training locaction. World-wide.

Top Level Coaching


What is your 60 meter record? American Christian Coleman currently holds the men´s world record in the 60 metres with a time of 6.34 seconds. My PB in 2000: 6.99 seconds.

My speed training last year in Nikiti (Greece):




Only very view football-players make it to the top. I see three problems in top level sport: the over-scientificization, poor running technique and the magnetic resonance tomography.


For years I have been working with the best physiotherapist who repeatedly emphasize that the language of the muscle is no longer heard.


In my opinion magnetic resonance imaging is of little use for diagnosis because it does not show any neurogenic muscle injury, joint blockage or musle tension.


Human touch


As a result, the diagnoses are often incorrect because many doctors often do not touch the "result" with their hands. The language of music and muscle is heard far to little.


Be yourself


After the season ends it is important to relax, to let go, to go away from your club, maybe to leave your football agent behind, and to be yourself!



The easiest way to analyze your running style is via video. This allows you to see your movement through each phase of your gait. I will video you from multiple angles - from the front, back and from both sides. All my video analysis take place on a golf course, on English lawn.


Holger Geschwindner


Last week, I met again Holger Geschwindner, long time coach and mentor of Dirk Nowitzki. He concluded: "Without extra-training you will never make it to the top!"

Top Level Coaching
Coaching 1:1, possible at any time, by arrangement

Price: 4 hours per day (practice & theory) 750 €