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It was in spring 2021. I had a  bold idea. Is it possible to bring more lightness and joy into the elegant, sensual, earthy but at the same time often melancholic and "old-fashioned" Tango Argentino?

A few weeks later I ran into the musical actress Johanna Bogner and presented her TangoAthletics. She was immediately excited.

Lecturer of Jazz Dance, New Jazz, Musical Dance,  Musical Actress, Choreographer and Dance Pedagogy

Johanna Bogner completed her training as a musical actress at the Abraxas Musical Academy in 2012. Since 2008 she has been training in the urban dance style and taking part in numerous camps and events. Meanwhile, she repeatedly appeared on stage with the “Move Too Hot” show dance group and was a background dancer for singer Haddaway. Johanna has been working as a dance teacher and choreographer since 2013. In 2014 she was a member of the ensemble for “Jesus Christ Superstar” and choreographer for “Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella. Then Johanna went to Spain. She had an important supporting role in the “The Rocky Horror Show”, and “Sister Act”. And appeared in Mamma Mia”, “Burlesque”, “Snow White and the 6.5 Dwarfs”, “Tabaluga” and many more. In the music video “Girl You Know It's True” by singer Willi.V,  from Söhne Mannheims, produced in 2017, she was the Main Girl. In the following years, Johanna appeared more and more often abroad and made a very good name for herself, particularly as a musical actress.




Personal Coach, Fitness Coach, Running Coach  & Athletik-Coach. Inventor of TangoAthletics

Marcus Frank, born on November 24th, 1966 in Ochsenhausen. The former Bavarian and South German 800 meter champion now coaches throughout Germany and at his second home Nikiti in Greece. He was best known in the years 2000 - 2004 as an international pacemaker in the 800 meter run for Olympic champion Nils Schumann, world champion Paul Ereng and other world-class athletes. In 2004, “Sport-Bild” voted him pacemaker of the year.


Dancing is a powerful force that has the ability to bring people and cultures together. In Germany, in Greece - world-wide!

Marcus loves and needs movement and music and always tries to bring this closer to the people he works with. That's how he got into dancing and how he discovered for himself the Tango Argentino. What he liked from the beginning was its embrace and use of improvisation. In an interview he recently said:  “I have a lot of fun with it – even though I’m not a gifted tango dancer.” But apart from being "perfect" in Tango Argentino there was another  problem. Most of the time he just didn´t like the music - he couldn´t really get along with the tradional tango music of the 1920s. So he had to to do something and make the Tango Argentino more yoyful, enthusiastic, dynamic, heartwarming and more "sportive".


Finally, in June 2021, Marcus had the idea of combining his two passions and expanding his personal portfolio again. With TangoAthletics. Johanna and Marcus now present two completely new worlds: the world of functional training and the world of Tango Argentino. Elements of jazz dance, musical dance and new jazz are just as important as power jumps, planks and push-ups.

Personal Coaching TangoAthletics
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Price: 85 € per person (60 minutes)