Movement is everything! 

The 100 Day-Challenge

Recently I had a great idea - in the most beautiful country in the world. I will pay for your Greece vacation. I will give you a 8 day-vacation for free, in a four-star hotel with half board. The only thing you have to do: Losing 10 kilos in 100 days. The only requirement: We train together. Two times a week for three months. Only you and me. Exclusive Personal Coaching. 


The price??


1240 € - if you are successful!

 24 Exclusive Personal Coaching Sessions  x 85 €  =  2040 €  

MINUS!! 800 € if succesful!!


Is it also possible to bring my partner/friend along?

Yes, and it will be 40 % cheaper.


Do I get the money back when I quit?

Yes! You only pay for the absolved training sessions.


Let`s get started!


The "Greek Caribbean week" includes:

  • Round- trip ticket
  • Transfer to Chalkidiki (Nikiti)
  • Four-Star Hotel
  • Half board

I pay for your Greek holiday. Enjoy!