100 km in 7 Days


The unique Greek experience: And it is not all about running or walking...


She belongs to the best long distance running coaches in Germany. Her personal best over 100 kilometers is 7 hours and 28 minutes. 


Ex-fitness and sprintcoach for the legendary football coaches Winni Schäfer and Werner Lorant. The 57- year old Marcus is still able to run the 400 meters in 57 seconds. He knows: No other physical ability declines as much as sprinting with age. What many people don´t take into account is that it is not only important for competitive athletes, but for everyone who does sport. Fortunately Marcus knows good strategies to counteract this.

Keep on running!

You will discover Greece. In the footsteps of Aristotle.





Kirstin belongs to the best teachers for Tango Argentino. You will not believe it - Tango Argentino and Running have many things in common. It is no secret that top athletes dance in order to find balance, strength and fun. Kirstin Söndgerath (www.tango-tanzen-lernen.ch) will teach you the fascinating Tango Argentino. To conclude, what makes tango unique as a dance form is its embrace and use of improvisation. We will dance on modern Tango music. 



Kirstin is a licensed therapist according to Liebscher & Bracht. The goal and the wish of the professional tanguera is to be able to provide long-term help with a unique pain therapy. Please visit her website: www.schmerzfrei-coaching.ch


What makes „100 in 7 Days“ so outstanding?

  • first of all - the location - the Greek Caribbean
  • two professional running coaches (former top athletes) and a highly qualified
  • a licenced therapist according to Liebscher & Bracht
  • profound movement analysis (walk, run, sprint, middle distance and long distance)
  • Haute Cuisine at the Geranion Village Hotel (half board!)
  • You will meet runners and dancers from all over the world and sit in front of the „Taverna Greek Paradise“ still midnight


"Regular training and healthy food is very important. And having fun!"


(„Birgit Lennartz-Lohrengel, who ran in 1988 100 kilometers in 7 hours and 18 minutes!")


Let us fly to Greece. Greece is a healing place. It would be a great honour for us to have you all here in the „golden, warm and sunny October“. And we will run, walk, eat fabulously and relax completely.


„I have been around the world, I have been to the most beautiful places in the world – no one tops Greece!"


("Marcus Frank, who ran in 1999 the 1000 meters in 2:21,27, will have his main residence in Greece in August 2024")


Highest culinary level!

The Geranion Village Hotel has been impressing its guests with first-class Greek cuisine for decades. And with fitness food! Lots of vegetables, fish, fresh herbs, spices, high-quality olive oil and the best raspberries...


Tango Special with Kirstin Söndgerath

Try and fall in love with Tango Argentino. Absolute beginners are welcome!